First recorded vine plantings in the area of Cahors

High praise for Cahors wines, present at Eleanor d'Aquitaine's wedding to Henry ll

Pope John XXll, born in Cahors, selects Cahors wines as the official sacramental wine for mass and the papal table

Heyday of malbec in Bordeaux, reaching >50% of Chateau Latour plantings and >60% of Cheval Blanc vineyards

M. Pouget brings malbec to Argentina to improve Argentine vineyard stock

Cahors AOC is established, requires a minimum of 70% malbec in its wines

Paul Hobbs, intrigued with the variety in Mendoza, changes the way it was being farmed and produced. The media praises the new style, leading to explosive growth of Argentine malbec in the world markets.

Paul Hobbs and Bertrand Vigouroux commence working together

First vintage of Crocus, reimagining Malbec de Cahors

Milestones in Cahors Malbec History:

Crocus is a partnership between internationally renowned winemaker and Malbec specialist Paul Hobbs, and Bertrand Vigouroux, whose family has been producing wine in Cahors, France since the 1860's.

Paul's work with Malbec in Mendoza, Argentina brought world-wide attention to the variety, and provided inspiration for new styles to emerge.

The Vigouroux family has over 150 years of experience with Malbec in Cahors, where the grape has flourished since Roman times.

50 AD









Resetting the Bar for Malbec Refinement and Elegance