Resetting the Bar for Malbec Refinement and Elegance

The fruit for Crocus wines, L’Atelier, Prestige and Grand Vin, come from three different vineyard sites, each with its own microclimate and terroir:


- The plateau (T8) above the valley at 980 feet, calcareous rocks on red and some blue clays over Kimmeridgien limestone flagstone. This soil enhances the finesse, balance and soft tannins of the fruit, and gives black pepper and spices with black fruit flavors.

- The foothill (T4), at 650 feet, the soil is formed from eroded materials from the plateau just above it; a combination of clay gravel soil, limestone and pebbles, giving ripe fruit and elegant wines. 

- The upper terrace (T3) just below the foothill at 450 feet, the soil is composed of ancient alluvial deposits of clay and pebble, which contributes to the richness, red fruit and meaty notes of the wine.